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  • Susanne Johnson-Berns

July 2021 Meeting

Mike welcomed the members and introduced the newcomers

The reading of the minutes was waved

Vice Commodore Renae reminded all of the importance of the RSVP

She discussed the upcoming AYC dinner and its necessary RSVP

Raft up's, it was requested that we have people sign up to host them

the following dates are needing hosts, 7-31, 8-14,8-28, 9-18,

The July 31 raft up will be a BBQ theme

Picnics have been at a very low turnout, it was brought up if picnics should become and or be combined

with other events, or become raft ups. Weather also is unpredictable and sometimes indoor activity may be better at times. Other options would also allow more non boat owners to participate. Some examples are Labor Day-Keegan's , What picnics would we want to keep, and it may better to have them not on the actual day, but after, since folks may be out of town.

The light on the lake are in December and it would be fun if we met at AYC ate dinner on the docks and decorate some of the boats, and participate in this event.

Commodore Ball and Christmas Party combined and the participation in the light on the lake should be all the events for December

Fleet captain Tonia went over the races past and present

Purser Ardythe read the budget

Mike motioned to adjourn the meeting


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