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Come Join Us!

Sailing is challenging and fun. Sailboat racing is even more so!


At South Winds Sailing Club (SWSC), our emphasis is on the enjoyment and just plain fun of all aspects of sailing, including racing. We enjoy racing as friendly competition while practicing the art of sailing. Racing sailboats significantly enhances boat-handling skills and to quickly encourages you to learn more about sailing. It has been said that you can learn more about the art and science of sailing in one season of racing than in many years of casual cruising. Even if you identify yourself as a day sailor or a cruiser you should give racing with us a try - you may get hooked.


There is friendly competition and community involvement in every race at SWSC. Our races are competitive, but casual enough that everyone can enjoy the day on the water.  No Sailboat - No Problem. SWSC welcomes people with no sailboat to be members; including those who have never sailed at all! Crew of all skill levels is always welcome. Please select 'Contact Us' from above and mention 'sailboat racing crew' in the comments.


We will be racing an "A" fleet and a "B" fleet. The "A" fleet is composed of the more experienced racing skippers or those who just think they are. The "B" fleet is ideal for those who are new to racing or have a new sailboat. The "B" fleet is a great place to learn racing skills and to exchange techniques with the "A" fleet skippers.


SOTY Skipper of the Season (SOS) are series races consisting of 3 race days with 3 races each (weather permitting).  We have Frostibe (winter), Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons all of which will receive awards at our end-of-year Commodore's Ball.  We also have "special" races including some interesting long-distance races (bitter end, half yard, and turtle rock).  The special races do not differentiate between A and B fleet for end of year trophies.

The racing fees are $5 per boat for each day of racing regardless of the number of races.  Most of the races are scheduled on Saturday beginning with a skippers meeting starting from 10am to 12, depending on the season, at the Bath House at Harbor Town Marina. Our goal is a prompt starting time of 1 hour after the Skippers Meeting and we usually complete 3 "round-the-buoy" races in 4 hours. Make-up races, if required, will be announced and posted on the Calendar. See the tab 'Race Schedule' above for more details. Special long-distance races may have earlier skippers meetings scheduled so be sure to check the schedule for details.

For those new to sailing and joining us as crew on a race day, remember to bring adequate clothing (nothing stylish just things to keep you warm or dry or cool), a snack and something to drink. We will be on the water usually for about 4 hours.

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