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The Fun 'Toona Circumnavigation Challenge (FTCC)

The Fun 'Toona Circumnavigation Challenge was created in 2013 by Mike Alyea, the self-appointed PooBah 'Toona.  I have changed the challenge slightly by hopefully simplifying it.  If anyone would like to see a change or correct something in this challenge, please let Steve Trofemuk know.

The Fun ‘Toona Circumnavigation Challenge (FTCC) is a perpetually on-going, fun adventure sailing challenge where skippers attempt to circumnavigate Lake Allatoona starting vicinity of Harbor Town Marina with each participating skipper setting their own start/finish line and executing a self-start while adhering to the honor system for recording and reporting their elapsed time upon completion.

The Challenge Details

The Course

The full circumnavigation and half circumnavigation attempt can be sailed in either direction at the skipper’s choice.


The Full Circumnavigation Course begins with a self selected start/finish line within ½ mile of Harbor Town Marina, sailed to the turn point at Red Top Mountain Road Bridge, back past Harbor Town and then to the Etowah Creek turn point and back across the same self-set start/finish line.


The Half Circumnavigation Course also begins with a self selected start/finish line within ½ mile of Harbor Town Marina and then sailing to and back from either the Red Top Mountain Road Bridge turn point or the Etowah Creek turn point and back across the same self-set start/finish line.




Red Top Road Bridge – all boats should approach within 100 feet of the bridge and round a No Wake buoy if present. If weather impacts safety, prudently approach only as close to the bridge as is safe.


Etowah Creek – all boats must cross the imaginary line between the two opposite lake shore marks numbered 46E and 47E at the mouth of Etowah Creek located southeast of the yellow caution signs.


Harbor Town Marina – all boats must pass to the south of the island located just northeast of the marina and are to never cross the shallows north of the island.


All mark rounding, obstruction and right of way considerations will be resolved in accordance with the International Sailing Federation Race Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the prescriptions of US Sailing.


Sailing, anchoring and drifting are permitted but at no time can a motor be started, paddles or oars used, nor can the boat be towed or pushed in order to better the boats position or progress.


Skippers may start their engines and or use any propulsion method in order to resolve any dangerous situation or to render assistance. Skippers should resume their circumnavigation attempt without bettering their position or progress and report the details to Poobah ‘Toona.


The accurate timing of the start and finish used to record elapsed time is the responsibility of the skipper under the honor system.


Skippers may anchor for as long as desired during a full or half circumnavigation attempt however time at anchor is included in total elapsed time.

Earned Titles

You can be a ‘Toona just by attempting the Fun ‘Toona Circumnavigation Challenge.


Listed here are the 4 recognized species of ‘Toona. Everyone can be a ‘Toona!


  • FULL ‘TOONA – Skipper who has completed a ‘Toona circumnavigation

  • HALF ‘TOONA – Skipper who has completed a half ‘Toona circumnavigation

  • JUNIOR ‘TOONA – Skipper who has attempted a ‘Toona circumnavigation

  • KREW ‘TOONA – Person who has sailed as crew on any attempt or completion

Eligibility and Entry

If you own, can beg or borrow a sailboat – you’re eligible to enter the Fun     ‘Toona Circumnavigation Challenge.


It’s preferred that a skippers attempt be preceded by an announcement communicated via Facebook posting and/or email notification so that we all get to enjoy the excitement of knowing someone’s out there going for the Grand or Half-Fast ‘Toona circumnavigation.


Sail the FTCC solo or in the company of other skippers – either way, you set your own start time and self-record your finish; then report the results to PooBah ‘Toona via phone, Facebook or email.

Fees and Prizes

There are no fees.  This challenge is completely free. We will recognize all new 'Toonas at the Commodore's Ball and give them a minute or two to brag about their accomplishment.  

If you would like to be included in the 'Toona Can, record your trip using GPS as evidence and submit your evidence to the club through Facebook.  You will be recognized accordingly, one way or another.  


Sail the Fun ‘Toona Circumnavigation Challenge whenever you like. You set a start time whenever it suits your schedule. Let some friends know and maybe a few other skippers can have a go at the challenge with you. It’s fun to have a few boats on the lake - ‘Toona’s love to school.

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