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February minutes

 2/9/17 8:00 pm @ Guston’s

20 members present

Meeting called to order by Scott. Waived reading of Jan.minutes.

Commodore: Website being updated with new calendar.

Vice Commodore: Joy reported that the newsletter is on the website now (blog). We have started the Frost Bite series. Regatta committee has met and made up schedule. Race makeups will be the following week unless there is a holiday. Discussion about Cushing Park and Labor day picnic (discussion tabled). Picnic schedule and raft up schedule haven't been finalized yet. Scott will schedule picnics with marina and house the picnic supplies.

Fleet captain: Ed absent; no report

Purser: $991.78 as of 12/31. $1321.78 balance as of 1/31. Dues can be sent to Ardythe.

Raft up: Sign ups will start. Be thinking of themes.

Sea Scouts: Nils reported the group is planning a spring break trip. Elections are done and they have 19 members. Looking for Capri 14.2 to add to fleet.

Foghorn: Brad reported the calling post is now set up and starting. You will see “calling post” on caller ID. It will leave a message if you do not answer. Calls will happen the beginning of each month. The committee is working on how to get new members

Old Business: Commodores Ball at AYC being worked on.

New Business: Brad asked for feedback regarding sailing class certification to be able to charter a boat (ASA course) Mary and Brad have a contact. Class can be held on Allatoona.

Scott reported that this year the St. Thomas Cruise will be an open invitational. Date 4/28 “Spring Cruise weekend” on the calendar.

Membership: Joe updated the group on his health.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm .

Respectfully submitted, Laura Widmier, Yeoman

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