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April Commodores Letter

How quickly the time goes in the spring! I know this is true for my wife and I as we still attempt to unpack boxes left from our move. I also know this is true for Steve and Vicky as he settles into retired life and they set up their second house in St. Simon's Island. This month I have two major work conferences one of which I am in charge of everything and a 25th anniversary trip my wife and I took to the Key Lime Sailing Club in Key Largo, FL. I will write a separate article on that trip sometime this month. Interesting place where you get unlimited use of a Catalina 22 with your room. Good in concept but not so great in execution.

March 11th we had our St. Patricks Day picnic on the point in Harbor Town. Laura and I provided the corned beef and cabbage (thanks Costco) and everyone else brought a whole host of wonderful foods along with green articles of clothing.

March 18th we had first Spring SOTY in high and gusty conditions. Unfortunately for me my forestay failed. Fortunately, I noticed this before the mast came crashing down on my head. Yes, this is the very same forestay I replaced recently. Evidently I need a toggle fitting at the top of the forestay to prevent it from sheering off due to leeward pressure. I got the new parts and hopefully will get them installed before the race this coming weekend.

April 1st we had scheduled our second Spring SOTY. Unfortunately, once again people were out of town for a variety of reasons, including spring break, so this is another race we will need to catch up on.

Finally, I have been busy designing an unofficial club t-shirt for those of us who are addicted to t-shirts. I am keeping this one fairly simple which also will keep the cost down to $10 per shirt. Not bad for something to wear while at the lake.

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