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  • Susanne Johnson-Berns

September 2022

Commodore Michael opened the meeting , the reading of the minutes was waived.

There were no new members to introduce.

The fleet captain was not available for a race update. But Mike reminded the group of the upcoming Half Yard Race.

The Purser reported the current financial standing after taking in some Race Fees.

Vice Commodore Brad continued the meeting with the request to comment on the E-vite schedule. He is sending all the evites at the beginning of each month, and by show of hands the majority prefer that schedule.

Brad reminded the group to be sure to reply to Evites and briefly discussed events coming up. He also reminded us of the date for the commodore ball which will be November 12th and we need at last 35 to participate. The Labor Day Picnic will be at Harbor Towns Picnic area. Also Mentioned was the date for the Fall Cruise November 4-6.

Mention was made of the Newsletter that Kim is producing quarterly. Members should e-mail he input for the newsletter, and if there are items for sale, it would be a good place to list those.

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