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  • Susanne Johnson-Berns

June 2022 Minutes

Commodore Mike opened the meeting by welcoming everyone

No new members where present.

Reading of the minutes was waived

Mike reminded us of the set date for the commodores ball so we can put it on our calendars. The date is Saturday November 12, 2022

Brad our Vice Commodore reminded us of the following scheduled events

The May scheduled dinner at AYC, will be moved to July, the date is to be determined since the chef is brand new and they are challenged by not enough staff. Once the new date is determined a e-vite will go out, RSVP is required for it, selections of the meal will be made in advance and participants will have to bring money to pay for their portion to the event. You can bring your own wine or beer which is such a wonderful perk.

Fleet Captain Tonia went over the race schedule

Chris discussed the 4 day Florida 120 event that was a big success.

Brad continued to remind that there will be 4th of July fireworks, and advised that if you are coming out to see them via boat, plan to spend the night out. Leaving the lake after dark is dangerous and it is very wavy to to the power boaters leaving.

Further he mentioned that Harbor Town is to install new Grills, and SWSC will pay to replace the meant for giants pick nick table at Harbor Town.

The purser report left us with a current positive balance of $2,075.00


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