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January Meeting Minutes

SWSC Meeting Minutes 1/11/18

Reading of the minutes waived.

Report from the commodore:

  • Improved website search on google.

  • Added to Google.

  • Updated website.

  • Need to work on newsletter

  • Refurbished race tackle and painted the marks

  • Will have learning get-togethers at Steve’s house.

Report from Vice Commodore

  • Met last week and approved race calendar.

  • Met withJ oe and added in raftups

  • Adding sailing day. Non race days we all meet on the lake to go sailing.

  • Voice of Mary comes in on a robodialer from Oklahoma.

  • Will send evites for events.

  • Will use Allatoona Yacht club docks for cruises instead of Red Top

  • Will take boat to Big Shanty Festival.

  • Are combining racing and raftups on same day.

Report from Fleet Captain

  • Race last weekend was cancelled.

  • Joy will be race committee this weekend.

Report from Purses

  • Not much activity this month

  • $1439.62 balance

New business

  • Update information on the members list next meeting.

  • No longer have official committee boat...they race with us.

Report from Joe Carter

  • Worked with vice Commodore on calendar

  • Have list for people to sign up for raftups.

  • May- Aug dinner at 7pm

  • After that dinner at 6pm

Joy doing picnics

  • Five or six picnics during year

  • First one is St. Patrick's day at the picnic point

Old business

  • Still waiting to hear from Marina on storage of race tackle.

New business

  • Introduce new folks

  • Becky and Allen are joining club

  • Gail and Kurt...friends of Alice. Also, Larry’s bday Tuesday.

  • Kanya is getting Catalina 22 and interested in club.

  • No other new business.

Scott Widmier/ Laura Widmier

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