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July Commodores Letter

Our monthly club meeting is Thursday night starting at 8pm at Guston's grill on Cobb Parkway (3300 Cobb Pkwy NW, Acworth, GA 30101). The unofficial club t-shirts are in for all of you who ordered them. I also snuck in a few extra (one in each size) so get them while you can. I am still looking for articles for our blog so if you had any sort of adventure, have a boat to sell, or have some advice to share please send it to:

Andy is back from his adventures abroad with some fascinating stories shared at Joe and Louise's always popular Jimmy Buffet raftup. I am hoping to get his permission to publish his stories from this summer on this blog so check back. We had six boat in attendance at the raft-up and were treated to some fairly comfortable temperatures...important as a number of the attendees were recuperating so not able to get into the water.

Fall is definitely in the air...or in the corridors of Kennesaw State University as I am typing this just before our first faculty meeting of the school year and I still haven't finished my course syllabi. So, I will be keeping this short.

Working backwards, we had a great luncheon at the Allatoona Yacht Club on Sunday the 23rd as invited guests of Brad and Mary. The day before, Saturday, Brad and Mary hosted the Cajun raftup with around six boats in attendance. We also had a race on Saturday the 15th but I was travelling to Washington D.C. with the family so will have to rely on others to tell the tale.

See you at the meeting.

Scott Widmier

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