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June Commodores Letter

It has been a rainy but cool summer on the Lake. I have seen a few of you at the marina but it seems like St. Simons, among other things, has lured several of our regular skippers away. Still, we have some events happening since our last meeting that I would like to pass along.

Several of our regular members were not in attendance last meeting because they had trailered their boats to Pensacola, FL where they participated in the annual BEER cruise in that area. Steve Gully in particular skippered his boat with his son, Thomas, and Sam Hunter as crew. This year the BEER cruise went to old stomping grounds in Josephine, AL where they anchored at Pirates Cove. Steve and crew ended up coming back early because of some storm forecasts upcoming. I will see if I can get an account from Steve to post to the blog.

June 17th we had a raftup that was attended by five boats. The water was very comfortable and the food was great. June 24th we had our second summer SOTY that was only attended by four boats. Since she was by herself on her bit Hunter 30, Joy decided to try out being committee boat. She loved it other than having some issues with her anchor dragging. Said it was actually a lot of fun to sit, relax, and watch the rest of us go around the marks. Something to keep in mind if you don't feel like racing but want to be on the lake....we always have need for committee boats!

On July 1st we had a great 4th of July picnic with around 22 members in attendance where we ate Fried chicken from Publix (one of my favorites) and wonderful sides and desserts brought by club members. Just after we finished eating, the sky grew dark and threatening. Our more responsible club members (Commodore excluded) started packing up which proved to be a good decision as shortly after everything was packed up we got hit by some massive gusts and then a wall of rain. Unfortunately for me, I hadn't yet finished my beer so decided to walk down the dock and check on the boat. Lets just say I didn't need to take a shower that evening. Also, my good craft beer started tasting more like Coors Light due to all the rain that made its way into the can.

Finally, July 8th we had a raft-up which my wife and I missed because we were camping and kayaking at Lake Rabun snooping on all the rich folks waterfront houses. According to the reports from our Vice-Commodore we had 5 boats and most people were enjoying the water when another huge wall of wind hit. The anchor holding the raft of boats started to drag and the boats went downwind fast enough that the swimmers couldn't catch up. Fortunately, there were some worthy sailors who had stayed on the boats to (I don't know) drink more rum or something who got motors going and extra anchors out. Afterwards, mother nature send an apology in the form of a complete and beautiful rainbow.

We have our July meeting tonight at Guston's. The weekend of July 15th we will have our 3rd and last summer skipper of the year race. On July 22nd we have the Cajun raftup followed on Sunday by a picnic at the Allatoona Yacht Club hosted by Brad and Mary. Then on August 5th Joe and Louise will host their annual Jimmy Buffet Raftup. Bring your rain slickers!

Your Commodore

Scott Widmier

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